How_to_keep_sales_cranking_in_the_2nd_half_of_the_year_-_on_demand_webinar.pngLearn How To Make Your Upcoming Pipeline Stronger Than The First Half of The Year

Have you called all your "hot" leads for the year?

It's the middle of summer and you've called all the "good" prospects for the year. Worried about making quota next month? Think your pipeline isn't strong enough to meet your goals? Think again. LinkedIn Sales Solutions's Alex Wolin and HubSpot's Sales CRO Mark Roberge are combining forces, teaching you sales techniques to make your upcoming pipeline stronger than your first half of the year.

In this live webinar you'll learn:

  • How to find your next batch of prospects Strategies to re-invigorate an account that has gone cold
  • Tips on re-engaging old prospects
  • Coaching from LinkedIn and HubSpot's sales leaders