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Success Stories In Waste Reduction and Recycling

  Lisa R Cassidy     Mar 13, 2018

Waste reduction and recycling stories are all around us.  Listed below are some "best hits" in waste reduction and recycling from schools to Ellis Island. Enjoy!

Record Breaking Recycling Rates at Liberty and Ellis Island

Harper College Gets an A+ for Recycling Rates

The Future of Hotel Recycling Starts Now

Greening ALT at 8 Starbucks Locations 

The Real Reasons Why Business Owners Blog

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Lisa R Cassidy

Written by Lisa R Cassidy

For nearly 20 years, Lisa has worked with a range of organizations from high tech startups to Fortune 500 companies across several industries. She is often charged with one simple mission to “make it happen.” As a result, Lisa is adept at developing breakthrough strategies and seeing those same strategies build brands and long-term equity. Her “can do” attitude allows her to make things happen and continually exceed client expectations. As a non-traditional marketing and communications consultant, Lisa believes her work really begins after the strategy and planning has been developed. Actual implementation is often what separates good brands from great ones. Maximizing budgets, modifying strategies on the fly and ultimately delivering results are key to Lisa’s success throughout the years. Lisa is currently Senior Strategist & Founder for ecoImagine.

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