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Email Marketing: Determine Timing and When to Send

By Lisa R Cassidy |   Aug 16, 2016

In a recent blog post by  in Marketing & Brands, Off the Ground Kiera talks about the importance of knowing your audience. Many times we automatically defer to the "gold standard of email send times" as Kiera puts it, without thinking specifically about when our target audience can best absorb the message.  In my experience, educational emails sent to B2B prospects who are bombarded all week with internal and external messages, often use the weekends to catch up on the topics they are interested in learning more about.  

Email Stats That Will Amaze You

By Lisa R Cassidy |   Apr 02, 2016

As a long time B2B marketer, I have seen first-hand the effectiveness of email marketing on client campaigns.  However over the past year, I have wondered if email was still the digital marketing channel of choice, so I started looking around for tangible evidence for or against.  What I found will amaze you.