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How Marketing Consultants Can Help You Do What You Do Best

By Lisa R Cassidy |   Jul 12, 2018

As a Marketing Consultant with over almost two decades of experience working with a variety of companies ranging from Fortune 500s to start-ups, I have found that most companies have a lot of good ideas and even more number one priorities. The value a marketing consultant to organizations like this is focus.  

Marketing Consultants are typically hired for a purpose and are measured against that objective on a regular basis.  The sheer presence of a Marketing Consultant not only holds that person accountable, it holds members of the organization accountable as well. I mean, when it comes down to it, it’s really about accountability after all, isn’t it? 

8 Essential Components of Successful B2B Marketing Campaigns

By Lisa R Cassidy |   Mar 27, 2017

A successful B2B marketing campaign unifies many aspects of marketing communications - advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing and social media.  It is a process designed to ensure that all messaging and communication strategies are consistent across all channels and are centered on the customer.  

While there is no one sure-fire formula to creating a successful integrated marketing campaign, there are steps that businesses can take to maximize its impact. They are listed below.

Email Marketing: Determine Timing and When to Send

By Lisa R Cassidy |   Aug 16, 2016

In a recent blog post by  in Marketing & Brands, Off the Ground Kiera talks about the importance of knowing your audience. Many times we automatically defer to the "gold standard of email send times" as Kiera puts it, without thinking specifically about when our target audience can best absorb the message.  In my experience, educational emails sent to B2B prospects who are bombarded all week with internal and external messages, often use the weekends to catch up on the topics they are interested in learning more about.  

How Creating a Clear Path Propelled My Business and My Google Search Results Up

By Lisa R Cassidy |   Mar 23, 2016

Back on January 1st, I wrote a quick post to ring in the new year that stated, "You become what you think about.  What will it be this year?"  At the time, I was having trouble finding a clear path for my business.  I had had a few misfires in 2015, but knew that I could hit the ground running in 2016 if I could set a direction. The problem was, I couldn't seem to figure it out, so I was stuck standing still.

In the days after I posted that message on LinkedIn, I spent some time thinking about what I had and had not accomplished in 2015. What I realized was that when I could communicate what I had to do to achieve my goals, I accomplished them and when I couldn't, I didn't.  As a consultant, I decided it was time to take my own advice and make some hard decisions in order to make my path achievable.  I started thinking about limiting my scope while exploring ways to engage with my target audience in a meaningful way.  I researched options for improving business processes while providing my clients the tools they needed to achieve their goals. I looked for resources that could provide a clear path. Now all I needed was a spark to get it all going.