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Four Reasons to Build Your Go-To-Market Strategy Before Faced With a Looming Deadline

By Lisa R Cassidy |   May 17, 2016

It’s only human nature to kick it into overdrive when faced with a deadline. Many of us believe that this is when we are at our best, but are we really? I’ve never actually heard someone say, “I wish I had less time to work on this campaign. I’m much better when I have unrealistic deadlines.”

This May marks my 12th year as an independent Marketing Consultant. When I first began my business in 2004, I had two signs on my wall, “You get what you negotiate, not what you deserve,” and “Procrastination gets you nowhere.” The first one reminded me that confidence was essential to succeed as a small business owner.  The other was a reminder that every day was an opportunity to build my business – every conversation, every email, every connection brought me one step closer to my goals. Doing nothing would get me nothing and as a consultant, that also meant I would make nothing.

Twelve years later, I am here to remind you that whether you are a consultant or a growing business, there IS a cost to doing nothing, so get going.  Listed below are four reasons why it is important to build your go-to-market strategy early.

Three Concepts That Transcend Time: Simplicity, Alignment & Execution

By Lisa R Cassidy |   Mar 21, 2016

Although I'm only in my mid forties, when I reflect back on the marketing tools available to new grads back in the early nineties, I realize that to twenty-somethings today, I am practically a living relic.  I mean, I was alive before the Internet was even a thing.  In fact, in my twenties, the Internet was just becoming available to the masses and email was this novel new way of communicating through the computer. We didn't have the cloud, texting or smart phones. The only apps we had were the ones that came before the main course at dinner. Nothing was accessible online. We had to use a phone book to look up an address or a phone number and a dictionary to find out the meaning of words we didn't know.

Today, the Internet is the center of the universe when it comes to sales and marketing, and email is as common and reliable as the telephone. Apps change how we interact, spend our free time and do our work.  The cloud gives us a place to store it all and our smart phones give the masses a way to post it, share it and view it.

As I reflect on all the things that have changed since the early nineties, I am also reminded of the the things that haven’t changed; or rather, the things have transcended time. The three concepts that immediately come to mind are: simplicity, alignment and execution.  Not only do these three concepts persevere over time, they transcend it. Let me explain.